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  • Fluxbox packages for Fedora can be installed by running yum install fluxbox.

Debian, Ubuntu etc

  • Packages for Debian-based systems (like Debian, Ubuntu, ALT Linux, ...) can be installed by running apt-get install fluxbox or aptitude install fluxbox. The packages in Debian stable might not be very up-to-date.

See also how to update fluxbox.


  • Slackware packages are here. Alternatively, you can: slackpkg install fluxbox


  • Gentoo users: the official package is x11-wm/fluxbox. Check your USE flags and then run: emerge fluxbox


  • The packages for the current version of OpenSUSE (12.3) are here.
  • Using this website you could find the package that fits your version of OpenSUSE.


  • FreeBSD users: from source via make install clean -C /usr/ports/x11-wm/fluxbox or binary package via either pkg_add -r fluxbox or pkg install fluxbox for pkgng users
  • NetBSD users (pkgsrc): /usr/pkgsrc/wm/fluxbox/
  • OpenBSD users: fetch the package from one of the ftp-mirrors (a list is here), or you can use ports to compile your own (/usr/ports/x11/fluxbox/)


  • Arch Linux (pacman) : pacman -S fluxbox. .

Source Mage

  • Source Mage GNU/Linux (sorcery): cast fluxbox


  • Mac OS X users: Get fink and execute: fink install fluxbox or sudo apt-get install fluxbox