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Welcome to the Fluxbox Wiki

News announcement

This wiki has had new account creation disabled due to spam. If you wish to have an account on this wiki so you can add or update content you will be required to visit the IRC chat room on freenode #fluxbox and request an account. Please ask errr, tenner, mit3z, bobbens or Zan to make you an account.

February 13th 2013 - New Release: 1.3.5 Is here!

Check the download page for more info: http://fluxbox.org/download/.

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What is Fluxbox

  • Fluxbox is a lightweight window manager for the X Windowing System.
  • Fluxbox provides configurable window decorations, a root menu to launch applications and a toolbar that shows the current workspace name, a set of application names and the current time. There is also a workspace menu which allows you to add or remove workspaces. The `slit' can be used to dock small applications, e.g. most of the bbtools can use slit.
  • Fluxbox can iconify windows to the toolbar, in addition to adding the window to the Icons submenu of the workspace menu. One click and they reappear. A double-click on the titlebar of the window will shade it, i.e. the window will disappear leaving only the titlebar visible.
  • Fluxbox uses its own graphics class to render its images on the fly. By using style files, you can determine in great detail how your desktop looks. Fluxbox styles are compatible with those of Blackbox 0.65 or earlier versions, so users migrating can still use their favourite themes.
  • Fluxbox supports the majority of the Extended Window Manager Hints (EWMH) specification, as well as numerous other Window Hinting standards. This allows all compliant window managers to provide a common interface to standard features used by applications and desktop utilities.

Where can I get Fluxbox

To get the fluxbox source you can visit the fluxbox home page. Make sure you are downloading the development version. Many people often want the 'stable' version but the fluxbox development version is very stable and is the only version which is being worked on so finding support for problems you run into with the 'stable' version, such as build problems, will not be supported ('stable' is over 3 years old..). If you do not want to build your version from source you need to download a package for your distro. Take a look at the packages page to find a package for your distro.

Where else can I get help?

The #fluxbox channel on the Freenode network is the official IRC channel for fluxbox.